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Madrid city

Madrid city, the capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan city that combines the most modern infrastructures and the status as an economic, financial, administrative and service centre, with a large cultural and artistic heritage, a legacy of centuries of exciting history.

Spain has been greatly affected by the economic crisis. Yet, Madrid city is still recognised as the major business centre of the country, and in some industries, where more jobs are available. The northern part of Madrid’s centre is where business activity is mainly situated, and the major trade fairs are held in the eastern part of Madrid city.


There are certain sectors in Spain where vacancies exist as the positions are difficult to fill, particularly in highly skilled positions.The Spanish government maintains a list of shortage occupations in each Spanish region, and allows for an expedited and a less restricted hiring processes for such job vacancies.

Shortage occupations generally include medium to highly qualified positions in teaching (including language teachers and in universities), mechanical, industrial and production engineers, computing and business experts, commercial relations, medical practitioners, web and multi-media development, real estate, hotels, restaurants and tourism.

In 2015, the top growing job sectors included accounting and finance, agribusiness, business management and marketing, renewable energy, the creative sector, engineering and information technology (IT).

Seasonal work in the tourist trade and teaching English are both popular sources of employment for foreigners, as are services catering to the large expat populations along Spain’s coastal regions and in major cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Otherwise, Spanish is typically a job requirement.