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Spanish course: Increase your professional value

spanish courseThere are over 400 million Spanish speakers in the world. That is a huge number of potential business contacts. Increase your professional value by taking a Spanish course and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise to employers and business associates by including language certificates and qualifications on your CV.

Spanish: a language of business

Spanish is rapidly becoming a global language of trade and commerce, as well as of education and other professional sectors. Possessing the ability to speak this language will help to smooth relations with professional contacts from Spain and Latin America and might just clinch you that all important deal. Socialising is also an important aspect of any profession, and being able to chat with colleagues in their native tongue as you unwind after a conference, meeting or networking event is a huge asset. In addition to mastering spoken Spanish, these courses will enable you to have the confidence that you need to write emails to international professional contacts without needing to rely on the mediation of a translator, much better for confidentiality, and for building strong business relationships too.

Courses to suit everyone

Whether you want to learn the basics of the language as you start from scratch, polish off your already advanced Spanish, learn some technical business-related language or work on reducing your foreign accent, the perfect course for you is just around the corner. Courses are also available that will teach you the differences between (for instance) Colombian Spanish and the Spanish spoken in Madrid.

Sign up for a course today

As well as enhancing your prospects in the business world, Spanish is a very fun language to learn. For English speakers, it is one of the easiest languages to pick up, and the confidence boost that you will feel when you are able to watch a Spanish film without subtitles or order in a bar in the native language without resorting to a phrasebook is worth it in and of itself. Knowing at least one other language is increasingly becoming crucially important in all kinds of professions, so get ahead today by signing up for a Spanish course. Courses are affordable and enjoyable, and all are taught by experienced, professional and fully trained and accredited teachers. Learn one on one or as part of a group. Whatever suits you best!